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#138 Mashups & Remixes

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Track listing:

Lilly Allen - The Fear (StoneBridge Explicit Club Mix)
DJ Magnet - Wild Thing Freaks (Tone Loc vs Peaches vs Tocadisco vs Moguai & The Who)
Bobby Martini - I Love It When You Ring (The Feeling vs The Bravery)
DJ Clive$ter - White Clocks (Coldplay v Duran Duran v Kraftwerk)
Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc (Pet Shop Boys Mix)
Pytski - Drop It Like It's Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees vs Snoop Dogg)
Mighty Mike - Beggin for glory (Portishead vs Madcon)
DJ Gauffie - Living On Mercy (Duffy vs Trans-X)
Atomix - The Rhythm Of The Late Night (Corona & Late Night Alumni)
Qubic - L'Éternel Enfant Roi (Noir Désir vs Yello) **EXCLUSIVE**  
Depeche Mode - Higher Love (Favourite Cygnus Mix)
A plus D - Stardust Kids (David Bowie vs MGMT)
Ministry Of Mashed Sound - A, E, Home & Dry (Pet Shop Boys vs Goldfrapp)
Michmash - Behind Breakthru (Queen vs Limp Biskit)
Norwegian Recycling - Recychedelic
Party Ben - Boulevard of Flashing Lights (Kanye vs Green Day vs Oasis)
DJ Fac - Feed & Shelter Me (Evil Nine vs Circuit)
Dunproofin' - Livin' On Breaks
Maroon 5 - Love & Wonder (DJ Earworm Mix)

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