Patreon April 2018 Mashups & Remixes
11 4PM2018 2012

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Track listing:

Patreon April 2018 Mix:

The Final Shake N' Bake 
Put Yo Swag Up 
I Need A Fried Tomato 
Make Him Say 
Put Your Hands Up For P-10 
Warp There It Is 
Sweet Sizzurp O' Mine 
I Always Wanted To Be A Gangster 
Kids Want Satisfaction 
This Is The Middle 
Take On Biggie 
Hypnotic Juice 
Sega Genesis Pwns 
Bounce That Baile Funk 
The Heads Don't Stand A Chance
Down Disposition 
You Can Pon De Al 
Babylon Mothafucka! 
Barbra Streisand Action 
Pump Up The Love
2 Live For Yall 
Pop That A 
Barbies Bestest Wine 
Call Yuh Bojangles 
Outkast Vibrationz 
Ice Cream Breakdown 
Krispy Paint Job 
How Low Can The Bass Go? 
Papi Battles The Pink Robots 
Make Love To Flirts 02:36
Limit The Time 
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