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#148 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 58 mins - 109MB)

  • Agnes - Release me (DJ Rebel Mix) 
  • Party Ben - Don't Go Insomnia Airlines (Faithless vs Yazoo vs Steve Miller Band)
  • Usher - Yeah (DJ Tron's Ramdom Thoughts Mix)
  • DJ Spider - Sex On Fire Can Set You Free (Kings Of Leon vs N-Trance) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • DJ Useo - Y.U.H.2. BangaGong (T Rex vs Whitney) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • Dan Mei & Marc Johnce - Chasing Cars That Way (Backstreet Boys vs Snow Patrol)
  • DJ Mashup - Smack My Umbrella Up (Prodigy vs Rihanna)
  • Unknown - Fatboy Slim vs Tina Turner - Rockafella Heartache
  • Next In Black (AC/DC vs Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg)
  • Aggro1 - You Know You're Blue (Nirvana vs Blue Stahli)
  • Phil Retrospector - Step Together (Happy Mondays vs The Beatles)
  • Divide & Kreate - I Told You To Beat It (The Hives vs Michael Jackson)
  • DJ Earworm - Just Dance To New Order (Lady Gaga vs New Order vs Ol' Dirty Bastard vs Mary J Blige vs Queen) 
  • Simply Red - Moneys Too Tight (Alex Gaudino Remix)
  • Xam - Yazoo Is A Dancer (Yazoo vs Snap)
  • 10,000 Spoons - This Charming Caravan (The Smiths vs The Housemartins)
  • Nishant - In Da Club (50 Cent vs The Smiths)
  • Shane 54 - Over On A Plate (Depeche Mode DJ Mix)



#147 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 52 mins - 107MB)

  • The Fray - You Found Me (Lenny B Massive Club Mix)
  • Mighty Mike - Beggin For Glory (Portishead vs Madcan)
  • Tizwarz - Hip Hop RnB Megamix
  • Linus & Colatron - Orson IX
  • The Reborn Identity - In For The Kooks (La Roux vs The Kooks)
  • DJ Spider - Ain't Nobody Like Ms Independent (Ne-Yo vs Chaka Khan) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • SFreeman - Illegal Headsprung Tracks (Ian Brown vs LL Cool J)
  • Beloki - Imperial Stress (Justice vs John Williams)
  • David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland - Love Takes Over (Arno Cost & Norman Doray Mix)
  • Dean Gray - Novocaine Rhapsody (Queen vs Green Day)
  • Fissunix - Hollaback Smoke (Gwen Stefani vs Deep Purple)
  • Colatron - If I Were Stevie Wonder (Beyonce vs Stevie Wonder)
  • Ben Double M - Unfaithful Land Of Confusion (Phil Collins vs Rihanna)
  • DJ Schmolli - M.I.A. Wanted Dead Or Alive (M.I.A. vs Bon Jovi)
  • Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Jason Nevin's Extended Mix)
  • Alpha1999 - Sweet Dreams Alabama (Eurythmics vs Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • DJ Clive$ter - Baby When The Virgins ... (David Guetta vs Madonna)



#146 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 52 mins - 103MB)

  • La Roux - In For The Kill (Oscar TG's Doing It For The Thrill Mix) 
  • Divide & Kreate - The Zebra Mix II
  • DJ Spider - Respect For The Poker Face (Erasure vs Lady Ga Ga) 
  • Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiesto Mix)
  • Michmash - Hot N Cold Young Men (Village People vs Katy Perry)
  • DJ Clive$ter - Take On Billy (Billy Idol vs A-Ha vs Daft Punk vs Busted vs Giacchomo Rossini)
  • Party Ben - Another Sleepless Night Alone (Bat For Lashes vs Shawn Christopher vs Egostereo)
  • Guv'nor - Busta Bhangra (Busta Rhymes vs Raghav)
  • Depeche Mode - Better Days (Marina's Mega Mix) (Skyler D White)
  • DJ Fac - Jenny Hold On (Killers vs Lisa Stansfield)
  • S Freeman - Walk This Blacker Than Planetaria Land (4Hero vs EZ-Rollers vs Gill Scott Heron)
  • Phil B - Believe In Happiness (Utah Saints vs Tomcraft)
  • Pytski - Word Of Me (Cameo vs Chris Cornell feat Timbaland)
  • Lily Allen - Not Fair (Shahaf Moran Remix)
  • DJ K8T - Imaginary Suffering (Evanescence vs Depeche Mode)
  • Xam - Tell Me Unpretty (Joss Stone vs TLC)
  • Wax Audio - Stayin Alive In The Wall (The Bee Gees vs Pink Floyd)



#145 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 45 mins - 103MB)

  • The Ting Tings - Shut Up & Let Me Go (Johnny Vicious Warehouse Vocal Mix)
  • LeeDM101 - Jesus Does'nt Care (Depeche Mode vs Fall Out Boy)
  • Omgben - Viva La Ice (Coldplay vs Britney Spears)
  • Eamezey - If Everyone Tranced (Nickelback vs Basshunter vs David Guetta)
  • DJ Y alias JY - Finally Don't (Let) Go (Yo Majesty vs Yazoo vs Salt n Pepa vs Ce Ce Penniston)
  • DJ Spider - Humans Are Not Alone (The Killers vs Olive) 
  • Xam - Super Massive Black Something (Muse vs Britney Spears)
  • Guv'nor - Twist Em Out Dizzee (Dizzee Rascal vs Dillinja) 
  • Bobby Martini - Is It Any Wonder I Can't Carry On? (Crowded House vs Keane)
  • Atomix - Its Invisible & Its Over (The Funk Masters vs Alison Moyet)
  • The Freeman - Tour De Reckless (Kraftwerk vs Ice T & The Glove)
  • 10,000 Spoons - Asleep At The Wheel (Depeche Mode vs Simian Mobile Disco)
  • DJ Golonsh - Return Of The Episode (Janis Joplin vs Kelis vs Gwen Stefani vs Tricky vs Chemical Brothers vs Rage Against The Machine vs Dizzee Rascal vs Cafe Tacuba vs The Streets vs Michael Jackson vs Basement Jaxx)
  • Phil B - Linus Vogue (Linus Loves vs Madonna)
  • DJ Tron - Club Of Love (50 Cent vs Huey Lewis)
  • Wax Audio - And Krishna For All (Metallica vs DJ Cheb)
  • The Fabulous Beatmashers - Lolli Lolli Europa (Eric Prydz vs Three 6 Mafia feat T-Pain vs Europa vs Lolli Lolli)
  • ThEhOmOgEnIcChAoS - Push The Magic Carpet Ride As On (Nightcrawlers vs Stefan Remmler vs Alex C & Y-Ass vs Mighty Dub Cats vs Human League)
  • Instamatic - Neon Sex People (Neon Neon vs Depeche Mode vs Latour)
  • DJ Lobsterdust - Call Me Already (Blondie vs The Temptations)



#144 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (2 hours 2 mins - 112MB)

  • Girls Aloud - Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
  • DJ Mei-Lwun - How Low (Flo-Rida v Public Enemy v Benny Benassi)
  • LeeDM101 - Along The Walls (Radiohead vs Morcheeba
  • Elgrippo - On My Eyes (Depeche Mode vs Rihanna)
  • Wax Audio - Mashing Up The Hill (Kate Bush vs Prince)
  • DJ Spider - Get Off on Love & Sex & Magic (Prince vs Ciara & Justin Timberlake)
  • Guv'nor - Whats It Gonna Be Dizzee (Dizzee Rascal vs H2o)  
  • DJ Y alias JY - Voodoo Power (Snap vs Prodigy)
  • Atomix - Stevie's Beloved Tears (Stevie Wonder vs The Beloved vs Tears For Fears)
  • Unknown - Ghosts 'n' Smooth Criminals (Deadmau5 vs Michael Jackson)
  • DJ Magnet - Enter Mr Sandman (Metallica v Justice v The Chordettes)
  • Hi-Brid - Being With Your Bumper (Grace Jones vs Smokey Robinson)
  • DJ Tron - I Know You Got Soul (Tron Groargh Remix) (Eric B & Rakim vs DJ Tron)
  • Depeche Mode - Wrong (Trentemoeller Remix)
  • Bobby Martini - Bleeding Ga Ga (Queen vs Leona Lewis)
  • Markyboy - Where Did Our Love Go, Rehab (Amy Winehouse vs The Supremes)
  • DJ Nicky T - 4 Minute Deja Vu (Freemasons vs Madonna & Justin Timberlake)
  • DJ Prince - Summertime Ting (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince vs The Ting Tings)
  • DJ Zebra - Manson Offender (The Hives vs Marilyn Manson & Goldfrapp)
  • DDPesh - Nasty Feel (MGMT & Justice v Notorious B.I.G)
  • The Illumnoids - Smack My Bitch's Tweeter Up (Prodigy vs Ike & Tina Turner)
  • DJ Clive$ter - Downtown Murder (Petula Clark vs Sophie Ellis Bextor)
  • DJ Fac - Somebody's Waiting (Killers v Taxi Doll)
  • Apollo Zero - I Don't Want To Fall In Dub (Tiffany vs Phuture Assassins)



#143 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 25 mins - 106MB)

Track listing not available



#142 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 34 mins - 86MB)

Guest Show By Nutronic

A plus D - Bootie Intro
Beat Nick - Madge 90
DJ Schmolli - Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman
Virtual DJ - Hate That I Love Mr Brown (James Brown vs Rihanna and Ne-Yo)
The Silence Xperiment - 21 Flash Questions
DJ Morgoth - Swallow Well
DJ Topcat - These Boots Are Walking
Icky - Touch My Breath Away
Comar - Mr Jones in a Forest
Kai - Get This Fake Tale Started
Gwen Stefani vs Cameo - Hollaback Girl (ZAX Word Up Radio Edit)
DJ Shyboy - Don't Fear The Rocker
BuG - It is Unusua
Pellapushers - Gold Diggin on Grange Hill
Black Steel & Badger - 24bit
Party Ben - Sixx Mix 100



#141 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (3 hours - 83MB)

Guest Show by Oscar TG

No track listing available.



#140 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (2 hour 59 mins - ?MB)


Play list is not available



#139 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (3 hours 6 mins - 86MB)

Depeche Mode - Wrong (Thin White Duke Remix) 
BamBi - Mama Slam (Scissor Sisters vs Pendulum)
Marc Johnce - Cold, Hot, Emotional (Katy Perry vs Whitney Houston)
Bastard Bob - What I've done out of the dark (Linkin Park vs DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark vs Pasha Sneg)
Wax Audio - Sad But Superstitious (Metallica vs Stevie Wonder)
LeeDM101 - Rotten, Filthy, Dirty (John Williams vs LeeDM101)
Colatron - Welcome To My World **EXCLUSIVE**



#138 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 48 mins - 149MB)

Lilly Allen - The Fear (StoneBridge Explicit Club Mix)
DJ Magnet - Wild Thing Freaks (Tone Loc vs Peaches vs Tocadisco vs Moguai & The Who)
Bobby Martini - I Love It When You Ring (The Feeling vs The Bravery)
DJ Clive$ter - White Clocks (Coldplay v Duran Duran v Kraftwerk)
Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc (Pet Shop Boys Mix)
Pytski - Drop It Like It's Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees vs Snoop Dogg)
Mighty Mike - Beggin for glory (Portishead vs Madcon)
DJ Gauffie - Living On Mercy (Duffy vs Trans-X)
Atomix - The Rhythm Of The Late Night (Corona & Late Night Alumni)
Qubic - L'Éternel Enfant Roi (Noir Désir vs Yello) **EXCLUSIVE**  
Depeche Mode - Higher Love (Favourite Cygnus Mix)
A plus D - Stardust Kids (David Bowie vs MGMT)
Ministry Of Mashed Sound - A, E, Home & Dry (Pet Shop Boys vs Goldfrapp)
Michmash - Behind Breakthru (Queen vs Limp Biskit)
Norwegian Recycling - Recychedelic
Party Ben - Boulevard of Flashing Lights (Kanye vs Green Day vs Oasis)
DJ Fac - Feed & Shelter Me (Evil Nine vs Circuit)
Dunproofin' - Livin' On Breaks
Maroon 5 - Love & Wonder (DJ Earworm Mix)




#137 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (3 hours 29 mins - 95MB)

  • Girls Aloud - The Loving Kind (Wideboys Club Mix)
  • LeeDM101 - Heart Burn (Unkle vs Kylie Minogue)
  • DJ Maxentropy - Low A Prayer (Flo Rida vs Madonna)
  • Britney Spears - Circus (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)
  • The Reborn Identity - Slow Veneer (Calvin Harris vs Kylie Minogue vs Billie Ray Martin vs Britney Spears) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • Hi-Brid - Two Tribes Divorce (Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs Elbow)
  • Colatron - Mashed in Two Minutes (Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam vs Kylie Minogue vs Ralph Rosario vs Princess Superstar)
  • DJ Peaking - You're Fit But You Know It's Biology (The Streets v Girls Aloud)
  • DJ Clive$ter - Show Nuff Light (Madonna vs Fatboy Slim vs The Beatles)
  • DJ Earworm - Britney's Leaving Home (Britney Spears vs The Beatles)
  • LeeDM101 - Here We Go... Disturbia, Again!(Erasure vs Rihanna)
  • Kylie Minogue - Cant Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Remix)
  • Girls Aloud v Nancy Sinatra - These boots were made 4 walking
  • Titnus Jones - Break Teen Spirit (Britney Spears vs Nirvana vs Madonna vs Justin Timberlake vs Usher)
  • Marc Johnce - Lost Secret (Madonna vs Coldplay)
  • Fridge Magnet promo - link to purchase
  • Bastard Bob - Four hundred jumps (Mylo vs Madonna)
  • Girls Aloud - Something Kinda Ooooh (Free ZR mix)
  • Bobby Martini - Kell's Aloud (Kelly Clarkson vs Girls Aloud)
  • Bastard Bob - Break the supermassive black ice (Muse vs Britney Spears)
  • Girls Aloud v Duran Duran - Girls On Film
  • Xam - West End Jump (Pet Shop Boys vs Madonna vs Robbie Williams)



#136 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (2 hour 6 mins - 174MB)

  • Kylie Minogue - In My Arms (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Remix)
  • Ben Double M - Abacab faint (Genesis vs Linkin Park)
  • DJ Fac - It doesn't turn around two (Depeche Mode vs Farley Jackmaster Funk) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • DJ Nicky T - Hypnotized Watch (Freemasons vs Piles & Akon)
  • DJ Y alias JY - Processed Wonderwall (Kasabian vs Oasis)
  • Mike Devine - Confide In The Nation (Radiohead vs Kylie Minogue)
  • Bambi - Aerodynam Inc (Gorillaz vs Daft Punk)
  • Michmash - Lovely burn (Robbie Williams vs Nine Inch Nails)
  • Nutronic - Ramdom Set Of Bastards



#135 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 46 mins - 145MB) 

  • DJ Clive$ter - Will I Touch Your Back (Amy Winehouse vs Bros vs Freemasons feat Katherine Ellis)
  • Minty Fresh Beats - No Karma (Radiohead vs Jay-Z) 
  • Alpha1999 - The Music Is Missing A Dancer (Stardust vs Everything But The Girl vs Snap)
  • RadioTron promo
  • BamBi - Electric parklife (Gwen Stefani vs Blur vs Oasis)
  • DJ Spider - Finally a Spotlight (Ce Ce Peniston vs Jennifer Hudson) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • Bastard Bob - Stop and love (Leona Lewis vs One Republic)
  • Ben Double M - Sledgehammer in the air (Peter Gabriel vs Phil Collins)
  • Colatron - Liberty Bell (Liberty X vs Orbital)
  • DJ Earworm - Reckoner Lockdown (Kanye West vs Radiohead)
  • The PellaPushers - Mashup Euphorium - Volume 2



#134 Mashups & Remixes

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MP3 (1 hour 56 mins - 160MB)

Rihanna - Disturbia (Offer Nissim Remix)
DJ Spider - I love to just dance in here (Moby vs Lady Ga Ga) 
Cybster DJ - Savage lok (Savage Garden vs Roxette)
Fidget Freeman - The Fidget Sessions Volume 3


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