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#128 Mashups & Remixes

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  • Human League - These Are The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Richard Stone Mix)
  • Fenech Soler/Roger Webber  - I See Stars (Sun God Mix)
  • Guv'nor - I Got It From My Babes (Sugababes vs Will I Am) 
  • Shane Freeman - Get Down,Get Up to the Rocket (Soul-Shane vs Plump DJs)
  • The Homegenic Choas - Please Don't Stop The Roadhouse Music (Crystal Method vs. M.A.R.R.S vs. Rhianna vs. S-Express vs. Chemical Brothers vs. Diana King) 
  • Bobby Martini - Kelis vs Tori Amos - Professional Milkshake 2008 **EXCLUSIVE**
  • Bobby Martini - Britney Luvs Booty (Britney Spears vs Booty Luv) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • Bobby Martini - Killer Client (Killers vs Client)
  • Ben Double M - Radio Stuff (Client vs Craig David) 
  • U2 - Elevation (Paul Van Dyk Mix)
  • Mick Sterbs - Titty Confusion (New Order vs The Trucks) **EXCLUSIVE**
  • Bobby Martini vs Loo & Placido - Pink Horny Champagne Bohemian Dreams **EXCLUSIVE**
  • Divide and Kreate - Not My Song (Elton John vs Alex Gopher) 
  • LeeDM101 - Reign In My Awakening Eyes (Depeche Mode vs UNKLE vs Dead Can Dance)
  • "Healing Theme" from the game "ICO" (Super Green X Remix)
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