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I have created a new RSS feed. The old one (created in 2006) is corrupted & now deleted which means my show is currently not available in the iTunes Music Store within the Podcast section. You will need to subscribe again from scratch. Please head over to my website and click on the Subscribe - iTunes link on the right hand side, to receive each show automatically when released. This link will only work via iTunes on a computer / laptop.

For those using iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, install Apple's Podcast app. Click on the + in the top left corner (see screen shot below).

Click on the Add Podcast option. On the next screen, type in the following (my show's RSS feed)

Make sure there are no spaces before and after the above RSS feed address, then click on Subscribe (see screen shot below).

You are now subscribed to my show in Apple's Podcasts app. Each time I release a new show, you will automatically download it on your Apple device. 

To subscribe via an Android phone: 

  • Install a Podcast app from the Play Store.
  • Add this to your podcast app:

 Any problems, please contact me - thank you.